PSA regarding Martin Freeman.

Hello. I am a small, teenage Chinese-Australian girl who admires Lucy Liu for her portrayal of the beautiful Joan Watson, and it may or may not shock you to discover that Martin Freeman does not, in fact, offend me. 

So he called her ‘ugly’ and a ‘dog’ in a sarcastic, humorous context, and suddenly people are making a fuss and pulling the racism, misogynist and British imperialism cards. Um, excuse you. Racism isn’t just limited to non-white races; if we are to judge things on truly even ground, this should extend to everybody. So your hatred of Martin Freeman, built on the basis of him supposedly abusing his position as a Caucasian-British man is, in fact, a form of racism in itself. Just because he is of this particular gender and racial descent, with this particular profession and this specific country of origin, does not mean that all of this is automatically relevant simply because Lucy Liu is Asian, female and plays the same role.

Funnily enough, I don’t think that if Lucy called Martin or even Jude Law the same things that Martin has, anyone would even bat an eyelid. You know it’s true, because that’s simply the way some people choose to look at things. And to those people, I say this: get a little perspective. I sincerely hope no one I follow or who follows me finds huge disagreement with what I have said above, because I am not in the mood for a fucking debate tonight. I fully intend to see The Hobbit in weeks to come, and I remain in absolute confidence that it will be a splendid film, in no small part thanks to the perfect casting of Martin as Bilbo Baggins.

(And if anyone starts with all that ‘check your privilege’ bullshit, you can say goodbye to this piece of hot, 5’ 1” blogger ass.)

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    hello fellow chinese person. you can’t be racist towards white people. that joke was unfunny and martin should feel bad....
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    Yeah…you are probably NOT Chinese or you should know calling a Chinese person “dog” is as offensive as using the N word...
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    TOO YOUNG TOO SIMPLE! 艾玛好想爆粗口啊但是理智告诉我不能被()()拉低智商啊泥煤!所以只能说连轻人你图样!
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